CPE and Training Courses

We are passionate about educating the public accounting industry to improve their practices and gain more efficiency and effectiveness in their profession. These courses have been designed to spark discussion and help CPAs figure out better ways to run their practices and serve their clients.

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15-20 Minute Courses

Simplify + Standardize + Automate = Touch it Once

“Touch it once is one of the most fundamental principles of productivity and time management but in the world of tax preparation, it is hard to do.” That quote comes from none other than Intuit, the largest tax and accounting technology provider in the US and they say you don’t have an opportunity to use this fundamental principal for productivity and time management it in tax prep. To many of us, that would appear to be true but this discussion clearly shows how the industry missed the mark by trying to be efficient with the wrong thing. It is not enough to be efficient, you need to be effective as well and this introduction to accounting workflow solutions, as designed by a CPA with over 30 years in the space, creates the touch it once solution for accountants that makes our workflow more efficient than any other workflow solution in our space. It ends with a demo of the power of the technology that demonstrates how the client accounting records are onboarded. A process where CPAs never have to ask for data again and clients never have to send it again. Simplify. It then uses basic accounting standards that every accounting software package follows so connecting to that accounting software one time, effectively connects every user of that software. Standardize. Using these simplified standards, effective automation can be created that yields touch it once solutions for every client of the firm, in one login.  

One Hour Courses

How Accounting Technology Broke Public Accounting

A longer, deeper dive into the topic of technology and the role it plays in public accounting, describing how CPA firms prior to the introduction of workflow technology were more efficient, more effective, had less turnover and happier clients despite a manual paper workflow. The topic above is woven in between a conversation between Ford Baker, a CPA with over 30 years’ experience in the space, and Joe Abesamis, the Director of Tax and Client Services with almost 15 years’ experience in public accounting. The discussion compares the methodology used for accounting firms before and after the era where desktop solutions became mainstream. The central takeaway from that is that prior to accounting technology, successful CPAs solved their own workflow issues, they understood them better than others so they built and implemented stronger solutions.

How My Firm Went From 100hr Weeks to 40hr Weeks

a longer educational course where we do not demo our product, Kaitlyn Kirkhart, CCO of BaCo Tech, and Ford Baker, CEO and Founder of BaCo Tech and a CPA with over 30 years’ experience in public accounting, discuss efficiency and effectiveness inside a firm by reducing the number of reactive items in our workflow. CPAs all react to clients’ information; the goal is to reduce the items that are the most reactive items in our workflow where most reactive is described by how old the information we are working on. Reactive issues in Communications, Billing, Clients and the IRS are highlighted with a final focus on the last reactive item in our workflow, putting last year’s numbers on last year’s forms.