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Beta Group Onboarding Process

BaCo Tech gives CPAs never-before-seen access to their client's up-to-date information in one centralized login. This data is delivered safely to the CPAs and creates a Living Trial Balance™ with drill-down detail to the underlying transactions. Working off of an up-to-date, Living Trial Balance helps the CPA firm provide their clients with a more proactive service and helps them run a more efficient firm.

Some of the things working with BaCo Tech can provide are:

  • For the CPA | Notifications of client issues or changes that may affect the tax return
  • For their Client | Real-time projected taxable income and an understanding of what may effect that positively or negatively
  • For the CPA | Identifying specific activity like consistent client errors or terminology that creates issues during audits
  • For their Client | Up-to-date financial statements with advisory services from your CPA to run better books and have fewer headaches when closing out months

Moving a CPA firm into our workflow takes time, and for our first beta groups, we want to ensure that we allow for as much time as possible to ensure that the process is smooth and each client is served effectively. To accomplish this, we will move each beta group throughout the phases together.

Each phase will be 4-5 weeks to ensure that our clients feel comfortable with the technology and that the onboarding process is not too burdensome all at once. We will work hand-in-hand with you as you onboard your firm. Our goal is to have our first set of clients totally onboarded at the start of the Q4 2020. To do that, we need to get started right away - so you can apply today! See below for a better understanding of each phase and to apply.


Firm OnBoarding is a crucial first step to create a smooth workflow.

We will begin by connecting with your firm, practice management, and tax prep software to identify companies and their affiliates. We will make sure that all of that information is set up correctly, that your firm standard information is correct, and that you have the proper user set up as well.

If you are a Quickbooks desktop user, you can convert your clients to QBO for a smoother onboarding process. We can assist through this process, and if Clients convert through us CPA Firms can save on their Onboarding & Licensing Fees


Phase two will set up your clients and their reporting.

Connecting client ERPs to the platform, confirming tax groupings for year-end prep, and loading your client groupings for monthly and year end financial statements as well as confirming and setting up client admins and users.


Phase three will set up the accounting and tax command centers.

We will identify significant accounts, set up rules, and train users on the most innovative and accountant friendly workflow ever seen. Real accounting style interface with direct connect and posting back to the platform.


Join Beta Group


This application does not mean you will be onboarded. Once Submitted you will be contacted by a member of our team to begin discussing in further details of onboarding and contract info for your firm. We are excited to work with you and your team!

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